Friday, May 06, 2005

Playoff Update

I've been swamped so I have been bad about updating this thing so I apologize to anyone who reads this thing. Today I am just going to give some quick thought on the Playoff's thus far.

Suns(1) vs. Grizz.(8)

Suns took care of business and swept the Grizz. It went pretty much like I thought it would, although I did think Memphis would win one. Suns just were too much for them. Jerry West has some decisions to make. The Grizz have lots of talent but only 1 star. Now the Suns get to rest until Monday when they play the tired(?) winner of the Dallas-Houston series.

Spurs(2) vs. Nuggets(7)

Duncan was a little slow out of the gate but it didn't matter. All that talk about the Nuggets was for naught. The Spurs showed they were the better team, and like the Suns-Grizz series this one went pretty much like I thought it would.

Sonics(3) vs. Kings (6)

Another series than went to form. The only surprise in this one was the play of Jerome James, who after getting cut by the Kings killed them in the playoffs. They now get the honor of getting beat by Spurs.

Mavericks(4) vs. Rockets(5)

This one did not go to form! I have always loved McGrady and did not fall in to the hype of the last two years ripping him. I did not think he would play like this. That guy is just amazing. Hitting 3's with 2 guys hanging on him, etc., etc. The Rockets really showed up. With role guys like Mike James and Mutombo playing better than anyone had any right to think they would. And Dirk, what can I say about Dirk. He has never had a streak like this. He is shooting 35%, he has never shot that bad for a streak like this. His worst season ever was his rookie year when he shot 41% as a 20 y.o. new to America. While the defense is good, that is not it, he is getting open looks he is just missing them. I have no idea what the problem is. An interesting note though is that Dirk is still 11th in scoring the playoffs at 22.5 just ahead of Tim Duncan, 22.0. All that being said the Mavs are still the better team! I've never really cared one way or the other about the Rockets, but after this season I HATE them, their players(minus McGrady), their fans, and especially their coach. Van Gundy has always been a crybaby, but making up conspiracy theories has taken it to a new level. He deserved every cent of that fine! I'm not going to get into the calls, there has been lots of bad calls on both sides. But is there a more annoying player in the NBA than Jon Berry? If so let me know! That guy cones in gets 3 of his 7 points for the night then looks straight at the TNT crew like "look at me , I'm the man!" How annoying! And to think I was somewhat a fan of his going into this series. Well Jon enjoy playing for your 10th team next season, as I am sure you will be dumped like usual in the offseason.



Heat(1) vs. Nets(8)

Nets should not have been in the playoffs and got swept. 'Nuff said!

Pistons(2) vs. Sixers(7)

Like I said, Iverson got them 1. Enjoy it, you should not have been in the playoffs!

Pacers(3) vs. Celtics(6)

WOW!!! This series has been the surprise of the playoffs for me! I have to say I have been taken aback by how the Celtics have played. They must have really gelled the last few weeks of the season. And how about Rickey Davis. Has he matured or what. This has been a fun series to watch. I have no idea who will win game 7.

Bulls (4) vs. Bullets(5)

While the Bulls have played better than I though they would considering the injuries, it looks like my prediction of Washington in six will come through with them having the game at home
tonight. Ummm, enjoy Shaq and Flash!

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