Friday, August 19, 2005


Don't call it a comeback, I been.........wait it is a comeback. Anyway, I had a lot of stuff going on for a while so I had to take a break, then I just couldn't get back into it. But there is too much stuff going on for me not comment on it. Hey as I write this the Mavs are having a media conference announcing the signing of among others DeSagana Diop. WOW a center that has career stats of

PPG 1.6
RPG 2.6
BPG 0.9

Wooo Hooo......
I want Shawn Bradley back!!
..................................Yep I said it and if this is kinda guy we are gonna get to replace him I stick by it.

Bradley's career numbers
PPG 8.1
RPG 6.3
BPG 2.5

Bradley's best for a year
PPG 14.6
RPG 8.8
BPG 4.0

Diop's best for a year
PPG 2.3
RPG 3.6
BPG 1.0

Anyway, I went through all that because I heard Bob and Dan on the Ticket, among others, saying this guy was another Bradley, and I am really tired of the ripping of Bradley. Bradley is retired now, leave the guy alone. He is a genuinely nice guy, that was part of his problem, who was a useful NBA player. While no star, he was a nice guy to have coming off your bench. Diop is a guy who has no business on the floor.

Diop in his usual position...on the bench