Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Next Mav?

In an interesting post script to my last post, here is a preview of a possible future Mav.

Meet Luke Schenscher

Bradley Jr. or just a cousin of Napoleon Dynamite?

250 lbs.
Hometown: Hope Forest, South Australia

Season Averages
'05 10.2 7.5 1.3 1.9 2.3 .541 .635
'04 9.2 6.6 0.8 1.4 2.9 .565 .687
'03 3.7 3.1 0.3 0.8 1.8 .472 .526
'02 4.8 3.2 0.8 1.1 2.1 .587 .514

Career Highs
Points: 22, Alabama A&M, 12-17-03
Field Goals: 10, Alabama A&M (10-14), 12-17-03
Field Goal Attempts: 14, Alabama A&M (10-14), 12-17-03
Free Throws: 5, Tennessee State (5-5), 12-6-03; Clemson (5-6), 2-28-04); North Carolina (5-6), 3-12-04; Northern Iowa (5-6); Kansas (5-6), 3-28-04
Free Throw Attempts: 7, Florida State (4-7), 3-2-02
Rebounds: 17, North Carolina, 3-12-04
Assists: 4, Virginia, 1-15-04
Blocked Shots: 5, North Carolina, 2-10-04
Steals: 4, Duke, 2-9-02

WOW a 7'1" Australian with a career high 22 points and 5 blocks.
How can Nellie pass on this?

Guess which he is

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Draft Dreams

Hey remember that great 2000 draft when the Mavs had three 1st round picks(#'s 12, 13, and 22). Remember how happy everyone was when they drafted Etan Thomas, Courtney Alexander, and Donnell Harvey. I know I was, and I know the media was. Turns out wasn't that great of a draft after all.

Etan Thomas - Drafted #12 - Career stats PPG 6.5, RPG 5.2, AST 0.4, BLK 1.1
Courtney Alexander - Drafted #13 - Career stats PPG 9.0, RPG 2.2, AST 1.2
Donnell Harvey - Drafted #22 - Career stats PPG 5.6, RPG 4.0, AST 0.8, BLK 0.39

Wow, overwhelming, huh. Now like I said before I was happy with this draft. Not as happy as most of the local media was. I thought they would be really nice bench guys. I thought Alexander would provide scoring while Thomas and Harvey would give us defense and boards. Guess we were all wrong.

Just for a giggle lets look at some guys they could have taken.

Drafted Team
16 SAC Hidayet Turkoglu
17 SEA Desmond Mason
18 LAC Quentin Richardson
19 CHA Jamaal Magloire
21 TOR Morris Peterson
30 LAC Marko Jaric
43 MIL Michael Redd (passed on him 4 times!! Eddie Najera was drafted 38)
44 DET Brian Cardinal

My point isn't to rip the Mavs too much, but I do think that with all those picks they should have been able to get somebody who could play. At the time I really thought that they should take Quentin Richardson instead of Alexander.

Etan Thomas grabbing a rare rebound

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

To start with

To start with this is gonna be my little forum to vent on mainly sports, but anything else I feel like venting on. Feel free to respond with differing or concurring opinions. But if you are going to disagree make sure you have a something to back it up. Not just you suck or Quincey Carter was too a good QB. I live in Dallas so most of sports thoughts will be about Dallas teams. I will leave you to delineate my political leanings on your own. Although I have a feeling half of the people who read this thing will think I'm a liberal while the other half will think I'm conservative. I guess I just assumed a lot with that little sentence. That would mean that at least 2 people would have to read this thing. Somehow I doubt that is gonna happen.

Well I guess being in Dallas I better start off with some Cowboy talk. Everyone here is, or was, going crazy about the Drew Bledsoe signing. They are acting like it is worse than the Chan Ho signing. Yet there seems to be no major issue with the signing of Anthony Henry! That is more egregious of the two. To pay that much money to a just above average CB. I mean they need help but for that kind of money they could have got Fred Smoot, or Ty Law, or 5 other guys that are better than him.

Oh, and just as an FYI, I don't read blogs, except on the rare occasions when I check out Bob Sturm's or Mark Cuban's, so I have no idea how blogs are supposed to work or what anyone else does. So don't bother telling me. I'm treating this thing as more of an online editorial page. Well that's all for today more to come.